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Here Are 6 Ways WE Can Start Working Together
  • Ask me to be your Realtor in DFW or to refer you to the best Realtors anywhere in the country
  • Ask me how to earn great returns on your retirement or savings accounts through passive Real Estate Investments
  • Partner together on Real Estate Investments (active or passive)
  • Send me great off market property deals (Residential, Apartment Buildings or land)
  • ​​Ask me to fund your Fix & Flip project (1 day / 30 days / 6 month loans)
  • ​Attend my Real Estate Investment Meetup via Zoom
Who is Lauren Olson?
Texas & Florida Realtor plus Nationwide Referrals

Private Money Lender for RE Redevelopment

Real Estate Investor (Fix & Flips, Apartments, Developments)

Real Estate Advisor/Mentor

Let's Connect Today
Richard Branson
Founder of the Virgin Group, Author, Philanthropist
JT Foxx & Kathy Ireland
Wealth Coach & Philanthropist
Entrepreneur, Super Model & Actress
JT Foxx & Michael Eisner
 Wealth Coach & Philanthropist
Disney Former Chairman & CEO
Andy Roddick
Former Pro Tennis Player
Than Merrill
Former NFL Player, Star of A&E Flip This House, FortuneBuilders Inc
Frank McKinney
Real Estate Investor, Author, Philanthropist
Tony Nathan
Former Miami Dolphin Running Back
Anna LeBaron
 Author of The Polygamist's Daughter
Craig Duswalt
 RockStar System for Success, Former Personal Manager for Guns and Roses and Air Supply
Debra Poneman
 Yes To Success Seminars, Inc. / Author
John Di Lemme
 Marketing Strategist, Coach, Author
John-Leslie Brown
Motivational Speaker &
Hip Hop Artist
Investor Meetup
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