Terms and Conditions
I understand and agree that my participation in this event is governed by the following terms. 
I agree that my participation at any event or on any live call (Zoom etc.) is without assumption of responsibility of any kind by Lauren B. Olson(LBO) or A-List Homes LLC (“A-List”). In consideration of, and as a condition of acceptance of my application, for and on behalf of myself, my heirs, and legal representatives forever release, and discharge said companies and sponsors and their representatives from any and all claims and demands of every kind which I may suffer directly or indirectly about this live event.

I have provided LBO and A-List my cell phone number and email address.  I consent to receiving appointment reminders and other communications/information at that email and/or text from LBO or A-List. 

I further understand that the information provided on any Social Media and at any event or on any live call are confidential and proprietary. A license to attend this event is being provided to me for my personal use and benefit strictly for educational purposes. For valuable consideration I further agree that I will not

(i) take any photographs of the event or presentations other than as specifically agreed in writing;

(ii) record or otherwise use any media to record any portion of this event;

(iii) I agree that I will not publicly disclose any information about live calls or events other than my participation in any manner or form whatsoever including but not limited to personal blogs, reporting about my event in any public or private media, discussing the particulars of the event with third parties.

By attending any events or live calls, I agree and acknowledge that afterwards, I will not for any reason be guaranteed any kind of monetary refund, trade, compensation or rebate. It is understood this content is given with no expectation of compensation for said use. 
I understand that no personal audio recording or video recording is allowed. I acknowledge that Lauren B. Olson or any affiliate company is not acting as my agent, personal accountant, lawyer or financial advisor. I understand that the content provided is general in nature and that specific advice for my situation must be provided by my personal attorney and/or tax advisor.

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